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SCARLETT here saying, "Hello and welcome."

Sit back and relax. Open up your mind as you naviagate through my site.

My content is mainly "kink" inspired, meaning BDSM, fetish focused

I feel, inside the"world of kink" you are able to explore. As you explore, you allow yourself to experience many sensations. These sensations are both physical and mental. 

Society, unfortunately, tends to view kinky activity, as outside "the norm".

Again, I ask you to open your mind, if you have questions or concerns please feel free to contact me.

Be sure to enter your email address. This will enter you into my weekly contest and establish a connection.

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Bathtub Dance Foot Tease

  • 1 - Bathtub  Dance Foot Tease - Scarlett Harlott
  • 2 - Bathtub  Dance Foot Tease - Scarlett Harlott
  • 3 - Bathtub  Dance Foot Tease - Scarlett Harlott
  • 4 - Bathtub  Dance Foot Tease - Scarlett Harlott
  • 5 - Bathtub  Dance Foot Tease - Scarlett Harlott
  • 6 - Bathtub  Dance Foot Tease - Scarlett Harlott

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  • 1 - CreativeToys - Scarlett Harlott
  • 2 - CreativeToys - Scarlett Harlott
  • 3 - CreativeToys - Scarlett Harlott
  • 4 - CreativeToys - Scarlett Harlott
  • 5 - CreativeToys - Scarlett Harlott
  • 6 - CreativeToys - Scarlett Harlott

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Latest Blog Posts

Understanding BDSM

Posted: June, 19, 2017

74134-Understanding BDSM-Scarlett Harlott

Submissive Kittens Journey to Domiance

Posted: June, 19, 2017

82046-Submissive Kittens Journey to Domiance-Scarlett Harlott

Submissive Kitten Journeys to Dominance


Scarlett Harlott embraces her dominance.

Scarlett Harlott asserts her Female Dominance

Scarlett Harlott takes back Thee Lady Scarlett..


I feel quite lucky to be living in a BDSM relationship.

A relationship where there are two roles. The Dominate, that being my DaddyDom, whom I call Daddy. I willingly accept the role as the submissive. For submission is a gift.

I love being submissive, I love my Daddy. I am quite the fortunate sub for my daddy always saw a dominate side to me. It used to make me so angry, for being his kitten, little girl was my most favorite role.

He assured me that I will forever be his sub, for it was a gift, but in order to grow, and be an even happier submissive, he advised me to simply think about channeling my dominance.

I am quite ashamed to say but I was quite the brat and wanted nothing to do with the role of “FemDom”, for “they seem so mean and cruel”

Communication is the key to all relationships, but especially in our kinky world of BDSM.Without communication, one simply is setting themselves up for a bad experience, mentally or even physically.

Business calls, and guess who Daddy made a deal with? A FemDom site, not only were they requesting FemDom content, their site was geared towards CRUEL FemDom.. Daddy looked at me a said “you can do this”.

I don’t hurt people, especially not physically. All that kept going through my mind was CBT, cock and ball torture. One would think I personally had cock and balls.

I placed an ad in the personals seeking male slaves seeking torturous cruelty for filming purposes. I was bombarded with emails.

Thus the journey begun, me owning my Female Dominance and weeding through all the applicants finding the perfect “subbys”.


I will say the world of kink, is so very exciting.



for the kink record my Daddy, WolfDaddy, my Dominant, has ONLY ever been a DOMINATE. One would be in trouble if his sub, me, ever attempted to assert dominance on him I would be in trouble.  










Inside the mind of a Dominatrix and what you need to know

Posted: June, 08, 2017

A brief insight from Scarlett Harlott


First steps with a Femdom


I am lucky to live in a BDSM lifestyle, I am in a D/s relationship.
I submit to only one, my DaddyDom,
I am Mistress/Mommy/Goddess/Miss to everyone else.


I adore submissive males for they are so eager desperate to please. 
#1 RULE NO TOUCHING until Mistress says

I understand that there are words that you are wanting so desperately to hear...

You only feel complete when you know that you have pleased your Domme.  Some words are triggers that speak directly to the pleasure centers of a submissive's mind.  


"Good Boy"

"Bad Boy"

"Mommy's Slut"

"Such a Pretty Girl",

"Mommy's Fuck Toy"

"Show Mistress Your Toys"

"Mistress has a special Task for you"

"Mommy Smells Dirty Nappy"...

You know instinctively that for you, submission is not a want....IT'S A NEED


It is only through serving that you can hope to find your happy place.  You need to know your place and only feel comfortable when you are certain that you are in it.


My BDSM journey began on the other side of the D/s spectrum so I'm going to share with you now what my Daddy shared with me.


"Domination is the art of setting someone free"... WolfDaddy



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